Montag, 20. Februar 2012

# 307 boys

i really miss being in love. madly in love. like back when i was 15 and had massively huge crushes and couldn't breath when he was around.
recently i decided i've had enough of boys. after a long time of flirting and casual sex i just got bored somehow. it's been far too long since i met someone who really excited me. so where are you, thrilling boys? impress me. wind me up. my next kiss will be all yours and i'll wait until i met you, i promise.


Anjanka hat gesagt…

i guess if you could choose your sexuality i'ld just turn lesbian. just for a change, just for a try.
in my eyes lesbian relationships just have this extremely aesthetic aspect that straight relationship kind of lack.
but probably i'm just talking myself into that, fed up with all those romantic (gender-stereotypic) cliches and the disappointments that immediately follow them.
but whatever.

Rübe hat gesagt…

Der richtige wird schon noch kommen! Es muss einfach einen wunderbaren Kerl geben, der das perfekte Gegenstück zu dir ist. Anders kann ich es mir nicht vorstellen, bei einer wundervollen jungen Dame wie dir

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