Montag, 25. Juni 2012

# 383 favourite detail about my morning routine

thank you, dear stoner, whose house i pass every morning taking my host child to school, for always smoking a good-morning-spliff and brightening up my day that early with the sweet scent of mary jane. ;)

(p.s.: wow, i fell in love. in a photographic kind of way. there was this boy at this afterparty which went on forever (until saturday 19:30) and was really relaxed and interesting. i like his face and hair so much. i hope i'll meet him again soon when i have my camera with me. i want to take a picture of him and the others so badly before i leave. enjoying my last few weeks in london by the way. it's still amazing and offering me so much.)

Donnerstag, 14. Juni 2012

# 379

Am I? Am I not? Am I? Am I not? It's so strange when you meet someone who falls into step with you - they share the same emotional void and mental palette, you believe for a second that you're not speaking to yourself in your own head, you cherish and love them, fight and destroy them, pull them apart just as they do to you. Then when finally there is none of you left, you decide once again that actually, you're alone. And it's only your head you're speaking to.

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