Mittwoch, 14. März 2012

# 330 balloons, smoke and sick tunes

i went to this gloomy underground rave last saturday.

it was my first one and took place in a very shabby abandoned bar which you could enter through a backyard.
they had a balloon bar where you could buy laughing gas trips and the air was filled with smoke and the smell of weed. i spent most of the time sitting on the dirty floor and rocking back and forth like a mad person to heavy bass tunes in the second room which was not very crowded and entirely dark apart from the faint light coming from the dj's mac.

in the middle of the event there was some trouble going on outside. some guys weren't allowed to come in so they freaked out, kicked and slammed against the walls and smashed the windows (which were boarded up with wood from inside luckily). the music stopped and all you could hear were those incredibly loud bangs and the people crowded together and started to panick a little. but after a few minutes everything was quiet again and the party went on until the morning in peace.

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